Smart devices: a high-security risk

Today’s smartphones are faster than the laptops most of us are carrying around. They are so powerful and versatile that perpetrators hardly need to deploy any additional technology to intercept sensitive and confidential information.

All IoT devices are interactive:
o connect to a cellular, WiFi or Bluetooth network
o and are always online, unless unplugged from the mains

The default microphone and camera capabilities in smart devices enable fast and undetected access to classified and confidential information.

Detect, locate and visualise all mobile security breaches real-time

Whilst most organisations typically secure their networks, there is usually little or no visibility of other (off-network) devices that people bring to top-secret and other restricted areas. Mobilewatch technology solutions offer robust mobile device abuse assurance ensuring that your organisation, information, and people are not attacked or compromised through their mobile phones and other smart devices that they use. Our technologies visualise and locate each active and transmitting smart device in a restricted area where the use of such devices is fully or partially prohibited.

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