What is Homewatch

Homewatch is a balanced compliance product for personal mobile devices delivering the requested control and respecting the privacy of each employee. This easy-to-deploy portable sensor detects active mobile phones only within the home compliance bubble. The virtual zone around this bubble ensures that what happens in the rest of the house, stays private.

Personal devices: now used for business

COVID-19 shifted the paradigm overnight also in regulated communities making the use of personal devices now acceptable also for regulated activities. Home working has brought a prolific increase of personal device usage and this behavioural change is carrying over to the office trading floors. The risk practitioners in various firms acknowledge that other comms methods seem more and more antiquated, and using personal phones is quickly becoming the most efficient and competitive way to get business done. The regulators across the world such as the FCA and SEC have already recognised that this has exacerbated risk of market abuse through unapproved personal devices even further.

500% increase of mobile usage since COVID-19

Key benefits


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